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Guyana 2040


"Guyana 2040" is a portfolio of projects to develop the much needed on-shore industries in Guyana. 

With the most exciting oil and gas discovery in the last decade, Guyana, now more than ever, is positioned to develop into the regional production hub it was always destined to be.

With these developments, Guyana's Government, her people, and private sector will experience the wealth generated by their natural resource reserves. 

The Guyana 2040 portfolio translates the off-shore oil reserves into on-shore opportunities with associated benefits, while also lowering the cost of energy and goods to consumers in Guyana.




The initial step to develop the O&G industry. This portion of Guyana's industry is already being developed in conjunction with big majors capable of exploration

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The on-shore industry is what delivers development opportunity and real world impact to the people of Guyana. 

The global leaders in O&G are global leaders because of their in-country industries, not because they simply have, and sell their reserves.

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Source supply productions create a diverse downstream industry. 

public and private support of entrepreneurship and R&D delivers a spectrum of global market access, and will turn Guyana into a global innovation hub

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Guyana 2040

Our vision is to deliver the foundational infrastructures and industries needed to help catalyze Guyana's future. 

Our team's global and local experience shows that the energy sector is a pillar to the development of a resilient community, if accomplished in the right way. 

At the core of our vision for Guyana, are the Deep Water Port, Power Plant, Refinery, LNG Plant and all related infrastructure. This encompasses power, water, storage, transportation, and ancillary support facilities which will be the backbone of long term regional growth. 

Guyana is poised to be a regional, and global, city-of-the-future, a hub for industry, sustainable development, tourism, innovation and finance. 

Our pathway for development, following the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), will begin to tangibly link the people of Guyana to their vast new wealth. 

Implementing these base added-value industry will kickstart Guyana's growth with new/well-paying jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities, individual welfare and impactful social community development.


Meet The Team

Development Is What We Do

We are the actual people that will be on the ground developing Guyana. 

We are who you'll talk to on a day to day basis. Guyana is not a number in a large organization, and portfolio of clients. This is our lives for the next 10 years or so... And it is our honor and privilege to see things through, and see Guyanese flourish and the nation develop with care and foresight. To share with you the satisfaction of careful stewardship.

Unlike other leaders in the field, we take an innovative and holistic approach to developing regions and economies. The team on the ground in Guyana has a depth of successful experience in Economic Development, Engineering (Civil / Process / Industrial / Chemical / Environmental), Global Trade, Oil & Gas, and Agro Industry-leading Agronomy. 

Prior to co-founding Featherwood, Mr. Oetting held the position of partner at Amerex Natural Gas and Power in houston, Texas where he structured long-term natural gas and electricity contracts. He increased sales volume over 100 fold during his tenure and was able to build the broker desk from 3 to over 100 brokers. Mr. Oetting has held numerous positions either managing or brokering financial contracts. He has built numerous desks and is adept at managing large complex operations. 

Our members have also been in positions of ownership and executive leadership, each hand selected from The Netherlands, USA and UI for their depth of experience and life-long track records in global success and transparent durable businesses. 

Their careers of impactful on-the-ground development, not only in the Latin/South American & CARICOM regions, but also worldwide, gives them a distinct advantage in developing industries that will not be susceptible to the pitfalls that normally plague Foreign Direct Investment and Local Development in the region. 

Our team is well-versed in the execution of global successful emerging market financial templates that have already been established with the world's leaders in Energy. Together we will manage sustainable growth and social responsibility. 


Vidjai Doerga

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Chief Executive Officer


Benjamin Khei

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New Hope

Chief Executive Officer


Raxshaaz Ilahibaks

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SHEBS Energy 

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Turhane Doerga

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Founder & Senior Advisor


Steve Rowan

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Managing Director


Jeff Oetting

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Managing Partner, Co-Founder




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Energy Expert, Co-Founder




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Technical Expert


Sebastian Ortega

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Chief Finance Officer


Dr. Asha Kissoon

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Local Director

We Kn

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We Know Guyana Like No Other

The GuyEnergy team has a combined experience of more than 60 years in Economic Development, Engineering (Civil/Process/Industrial/Chemical/Environmental), and Global Trade experience with executive leadership hand-selected from The Netherlands, USA and UK for their depth of experience and life-long track records of global success and transparent, durable businesses. Their careers of on-the-ground impactful development, not only in the Latin/South American & CARICOM regions, but worldwide gives them a distinct advantage in developing industries that will not be susceptible to the pitfalls which normally plague foreign direct investment, and local development in the region. The Alesie Group of Companies, founded by Dr. Turhane Doerga, now led by his son Vidjai Doerga, established market-specific-scale industries for both public and private sector ventures in St. Kitts, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, along with numerous engineering projects throughout the region in the late 1980s and 1990s. The success of these operations triggered the IMF to commission Alesie to restructure the rice industries in Guyana, which had, in that time, the highest poverty rank for this hemisphere. The result was The Alesie Group replacing nearly the total supply of rice going into Europe from the USA, with rice from Guyana and Suriname. 

In the 200s, based on the successes in the Caribbean, Alesie was commissioned to establish and execute economic recovery programs in Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Most notably designing and implementing Thailand's "Thai Hom Mali" Jasmine Rice Program. 

The long history of the Doergas in Guyana, not only as in influential family helping mold the development of the country since their arrival as indentured laborers in the late 1880s, but also as the company which delivered one of Guyana's most important industries as given it great credibility and trust with the People of Guyana, and the Government. To deliver the future of the nation and take Guyana to the next level . The Doergas, and their teams, are now bringing the On-Shore Oil & Gas industry of Guyana to fruition. 

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One's environment and circumstances mold one's outlook on life. 

With world-class industries on the ground in Guyana, and public/private support for education and entrepreneurship, the natural entrepreneurial spirit of the Guyanese people will boost Guyana to a Global Leader status. 

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The GuyEnergy team is focused on ensuring that development of Guyana's oil & gas sector is done right; we focus on a number of areas to not only bring world class technologies to the country, but also to ensure that our fellow Guyanese develop in the process


We Go Local First

As a local company, we strive to use as much local content as possible. All new industries will not only deliver O&G jobs to Guyanese, but will also expand all other industries such as Contracting, Education, Insurance, Industry Services, Export Agriculture, Hospitality, Finance, Recreation, Tourism and much more. 


Proven Track Record

Our team has a proven track record of success not only globally, but particularly in Guyana in all fields related to these developments. Investment into Guyana will create jobs, economic growth, and a strong foundation upon which Guyana can build a more sustainable, innovative and independent future.


Cutting Edge, Efficient & Dependable

Utilizing the world's most cutting edge technologies, equipment and operators, GuyEnergy and partners will operate at a higher standard than anywhere else in the region. 

Tel:  +592-621-9977

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