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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

An initiative that has been established by the United Nations and taken up in 2015 by member states seeks to be the blueprint to end poverty, accomplish gender equality and practice sustainable development amongst other goals. The slated deadline is 2030.

The UN provides funding to member states for the execution and implementation of policies that cater to the achievement of these goals.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the practice of utilizing current resources with the intention of preserving it for future generations.

This initiative has been in the forefront of many nations as a panacea to combat climate change.

17 Sustainable Goals

The UN SDG’s have 17 interconnected goals which will guarantee a better life for all. These are:

No Poverty

This goal seeks to protect the vulnerable communities and ensure they get access to basic necessities such as food, health care, sanitation, education, etc.

Zero Hungry

There are many persons that are widely affected by hunger. Therefore this goal seeks to eradicate hunger especially in vulnerable areas and provide them with safe, nutritious food all year round.

Goal Health and Well-Being

There is a growing trend of maternal deaths and the spread of wide ranges of diseases in the world, therefore by 2030 the goal will be to decrease the mortality ration and end global epidemics caused by common diseases.

Quality Education

The illiteracy rate is still high worldwide many persons cannot meet the minimum proficiency standards therefore with the 2030 goals ensures that all children get access to free, equitable and quality education.

Gender Equality

Women are disproportionately affected by discriminatory laws and cultures that limits their access to resources. The main aim of this goal is to eradicate any barriers that directly affect females and provide equitable access to resources all around the world.

Clean water and Sanitation

Currently there are billions of people who don’t have access to clean water especially in rural areas around the world. This goal aims to provide equitable access to clean water.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Decent work and economic growth

Economic growth is very beneficial for every state and this can be achieved in various ways, through the SDG the initiative will be to diversify economies incorporating innovative technologies and labour-intensive initiatives.

Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

Funding will be provided to cater to sustainable technologies and industries to unleash dynamic forces within member states.

Reduced Inequalities

There is an initiative included in the SDG’s to ensure that everyone is empowered and has access to resources to improve their quality of life.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

With the increase of urbanization many urban areas are becoming overburdened with the growth of the population and lack of resources which results in many problems such as pollution. Therefore SDG’s rectify this through ensuring access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Many of our production and consumption affects the environment since we depend on it significantly for our commodities in order to engage in manufacturing. SDG’s has a framework that all members abide by to ensure responsible consumption and production.

Climate Action

Climate change has been a focal point for many nations since there have been many evident degradation on the quality of life and economies. Therefore nations are encouraged to create and implement measures that combats climate change.

Life Below Water

Life On Land

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Partnerships for the Goals

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